Me88: Trusted Online Casino Malaysia | Free $1000 Bonus

Dưới đây là danh sách Me88 casino malaysia hay nhất và đầy đủ nhất

Attractive Promotion & Bonuses

If you love bonuses and freebies (I’m sure every casino player does), you will have fun playing at me88 because there are plenty of me88 promotions. Below are some of the common bonuses you can take advantage of once you are a registered member of me88.

  • Welcome Bonus This bonus is for new players that have just signed up on the platform. me88 offers new players a welcome bonus of 100% of their first deposit. If you don’t have a me88 account yet, all you have to do is create one by filling in all the required information, and you will stand a chance of winning this bonus. Each member can only win this bonus once.
  • Birthday Bonus We know your birthday is very special to you that’s why we can come with the idea of giving a bonus to each member during their birth month. Members can claim this bonus on any day during their birth month by contacting our customer support team. We encourage our players to use their accurate personal information while registering to avoid inconveniences while claiming their birthday bonus.
  • Referral Bonus Don’t have the fun alone; invite some of your colleagues to also enjoy the experience at me88 and earn yourself a bonus as well. We want our community to get bigger, so we encourage every registered member to invite their friends and family to join. You can share the link to our site and your referral code on your social media accounts, via emails, or instant messaging platforms. Don’t forget to tell your prospects to input your referral code while signing up. We use this unique referral code to track referrals brought in by the different members of me88. With the referral bonus, members can win up to 10% on the first- and second-time deposits and 15% on the third-time deposits of the people they referred.
  • Daily First Deposit Bonus On top of the welcome bonus we give to new players, all registered members also have a chance of getting up to 15% on every first deposit that they make every day. Each member can claim this bonus at least once a day as long as they made a deposit during that day. The minimum deposit for you to win this bonus is MYR100. So, with MYR100, you will have a chance of winning up to MYR15 in bonus every whenever you deposit money into your wallet.
  • VIP Wednesday Bonus This bonus is available for all VIP members (bronze and above). With this bonus, VIP members can win up to 18% of the deposit on their first deposit of the day. This bonus is different from the deposit bonus that we have earlier shared. Members that meet the minimum requirements of this bonus can claim it once every Wednesday of the week. For all deposit-related bonuses that we have shared above, you need to select the desired bonus on the deposit form to quality. For instance, if you are a VIP, you will have to choose the VIP Wednesday bonus while depositing money into your wallet.

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